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Coco Coir Doormats Are Environmentally Friendly

Coco Coir doormats are produced from the coconut husk’s long, brown strands. As a result, they are significantly safer for the environment than synthetic doormats, which are nonbiodegradable and may even cause allergic responses in individuals who are sensitive to these materials. Coir doormats are an environmentally beneficial supplement to other products found in greenhouses, such as recycled water and solar power. Coir doormats, on the other hand, are strong enough to be used in various situations, such as on farms or in industrial companies.

The Advantages of Coir Matting

Here are a few reasons why coir mats are ideal for use as doormats:
  1. Natural: Although the mat’s backing might be made of synthetic materials such as PVC, the majority of the mat is composed of natural fibers. Not only does this give it a more classic appearance, which many people like, but it is also more eco-friendly than a totally synthetic product.
  2. Durable: Coir mats are ideal for high-traffic areas because of their robust, water-resistant fibers. Even with heavy usage, a coir mat should last a long time.
  3. Inexpensive: Coir mats are typically reasonably priced and easy to install. For example, these coir mats come in 1m or 2m widths, and you can simply cut them to the desired size with an ordinary Stanley knife. There is no need for any specialized tools or equipment.
  4. Anti-slip: If you walked into a home with muddy or damp shoes and there was no mat, you may slide over on the smooth flour surface. Slipping is greatly decreased by cleaning your shoes on a coir mat as soon as you step in.

Therefore, you should have one Coir Doormat in your house. Dramashirt is a great place to purchase if you want high-quality coir matting at a reasonable price. Our high-duty premium durable coir matting may be used inside or outdoors, and can readily endure any location with heavy traffic.

Product information:

We have 3 Sizes:
  • Small:      40 * 60cm
  • Medium:  45 * 75cm
  • Large:      60 * 90cm

Material: 70% coconut husk and 30% polyester. Liven up your front door decor with an inviting coir outdoor mat. Crafted from the highest quality coconut husk fibers to welcome all your guests.

The durable welcome mat features a premium vinyl backing to prevent slips or falls, letting the absorbent coir bristles trap in dirt, so you can wipe your feet worry-free.

Coir front door rug is also easy to clean, simply shake or sweep away all dirt and debris.