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The eight-day Jewish holiday known as Hanukkah or Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem during the second century B.C., when Jews, according to mythology, rose up against their Greek-Syrian captors in the Maccabean Revolt. Hanukkah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, starts on the 25th of Kislev, which is normally in November or December. The event, also known as the Festival of Lights, is marked with the lighting of the menorah, traditional dishes, games, and presents.

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Hanukkah, also known as the Jewish holiday of lights, commemorates the miraculous event in which God gave the Jews enough oil to light the menorah in their temple for eight days. Since the celebration will take place over the course of eight nights, we will have a lot of opportunities to party!

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Something You Should Know About Hanukkah

The Origins Of Hanukkah

The events that inspired the Hanukkah festival occurred at a particularly difficult period in Jewish history. Around 200 B.C., Antiochus III, the Seleucid ruler of Syria, took possession of Judea, commonly known as the Land of Israel, and enabled the Jews who lived there to continue practicing their faith. His son, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, was less benevolent: according to ancient records, he prohibited the Jewish faith and forced Jews to worship Greek gods. In 168 B.C., his forces stormed Jerusalem, slaughtering thousands of citizens and desecrating the city’s hallowed Second Temple by constructing an altar to Zeus and sacrificing pigs inside its sacred walls.

Did you know… The tale of Hanukkah does not exist in the Torah since the events that inspired the celebration happened after the Torah was written. It is, nevertheless, recorded in the New Testament, where Jesus attends a “Feast of Dedication.”

A large-scale insurrection against Antiochus and the Seleucid dynasty broke out, led by the Jewish priest Mattathias and his five sons. When Matthathias died in 166 B.C., his son Judah, known as Judah Maccabee (“the Hammer”), assumed command; within two years, the Jews had effectively pushed the Syrians out of Jerusalem, depending heavily on guerrilla warfare techniques. Judah instructed his people to wash the Second Temple, restore its altar, and light its menorah—the gold candelabrum whose seven branches signified wisdom and creation and were intended to be kept blazing every night.

The ‘Miracle of Hanukkah’

According to the Talmud, one of Judaism’s most important writings, Judah Maccabee and the other Jews who took part in the rededication of the Second Temple experienced what they thought was a miracle. Even though there was only enough unspoiled olive oil to last a single day, the flames flickered for eight nights, giving them time to obtain a new source. This wonderful occurrence led Jewish sages to establish an annual eight-day holiday. (Another version of the narrative is told in the first Book of Maccabees, which describes an eight-day celebration that followed the rededication but makes no mention of the oil miracle.)

Hanukkah Decorations and Traditions

The Hanukkah festival centers on the lighting of a nine-branched menorah, known in Hebrew as the hanukiah. After sunset on each of the eight nights of the festival, another candle is added to the menorah; the ninth candle, known as the shamash (“helper”), is used to light the others. During this practice, Jews usually say blessings and place the menorah conspicuously in a window to remind people of the miracle that inspired the holiday.

Traditional Hanukkah meals are cooked in oil, another reference to the Hanukkah miracle. Many Jewish homes enjoy potato pancakes (known as latkes) and jam-filled pastries (sufganiyot). Other Hanukkah traditions include playing with four-sided spinning tops known as dreidels and exchanging presents. Hanukkah has developed into a big commercial phenomenon in recent decades, notably in North America, owing primarily to its proximity to or overlap with Christmas. However, from a religious standpoint, it remains a minor holiday with no limitations on working, attending school, or other activities.


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