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Jesus Christ is one of the most divisive historical characters. And one of the complicated things to understand about Jesus is His humanity. Isn’t it hard to conceive Jesus as a person, just like us? We believe that He did not really know what it was like to grow up, from infancy through adolescence and early adulthood. We believe He did not battle with anger, anxiety, or any other kind of pain as we do now. However, He really experienced everything we do.

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Jesus Products 

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Jesus Mugs

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Do you prefer to start your day with your favorite beverage and some thought-provoking reading? Maybe daydreaming about becoming Jesus isn’t so religiously right. These Jesus coffee mugs will make you feel as though he’s right there with you while you sip your daily cup of hot beverage. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior now!

Jesus-themed mugs are a delightful way to enjoy your morning coffee, particularly if you’re a Christian. These mugs come in a variety of patterns and styles, so there’s certain to be something for everyone. Choose from a range of appealing patterns to make your morning cup of coffee more enjoyable.

Anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee in the morning would be happy to receive a mug as a present. The Jesus cups are ideal as a gift for a significant mate or an acquaintance. They may also serve to liven up any kitchen countertop with their vibrant design and handcrafted accents.

The Jesus-themed mugs include some of the most famous Biblical sayings that Christians have grown to know and love over the years. The Bible is loaded with hundreds of inspirational quotations and proverbs that are still relevant today, despite the fact that they were penned thousands of years ago by ancient writers who had no clue how important they would become centuries later! If you’re not sure what sort of mug to purchase someone as a present, try choosing one with an uplifting statement or one with a picture of Jesus with amusing wording on it.

Jesus Facts You Should Know

  1. Jesus was not the only kid in the family. He did, in fact, have siblings. It’s difficult to picture what it was like to be Jesus’ younger brother or sister, yet Mary and Joseph had additional children following His miraculous birth.
  2. Jesus went away while traveling with His family when He was 12 years old. Passover brought Jesus and His family to Jerusalem. After the feast, the family packed up and departed Jerusalem, with the exception of Jesus, who remained behind. It took His family a whole day to notice He had gone away! After a few days of seeking, they discovered Him teaching in the temple. It must have been terrifying to lose God’s Son!
  3. Jesus got angry. He even flipped tables in the temple. He didn’t like those who took advantage of others in His Father’s home. It may come as a surprise that Jesus expressed His rage, but it is comforting to know that He, like you and me, becomes enraged at topics such as injustice.
  4. Jesus had more problems with church officials than with members of the community. During Jesus’ mission, He showed mercy and love to regular people, even “sinners,” and He had harsh words for the religious authorities of His day. He didn’t like how they treated the individuals he cared about. It demonstrates that no matter how many followers we have or how much authority and influence we have, it is critical to lead people properly because He is more concerned with how we treat others than how well we follow a set of laws.
  5. Jesus was not white. Although many paintings in our museums depict Jesus as a tall, white, Scandinavian man with a beard, Jesus was of Jewish heritage and would have had a dark complexion and shaggy black hair. As a result, his looks differed greatly from what we are used to seeing.
  6. Jesus was born into poverty. Jesus was born into a carpenter’s family from an impoverished, day-laborer household. This indicates that Jesus would have understood what it was like to be poor, hungry, and in need. Although Jesus is God’s Son, He chose to come to earth as a regular person like you and me.
  7. Jesus began His ministry at a later age, around the age of 30. Some of us may anticipate Him to begin His ministry when He was born, but He really had typical childhood experiences as a baby, small kid, adolescent, and young adult.
  8. Women contributed to Jesus’ mission. Jesus showed great regard for women and even assisted a lady who was about to be stoned to death. Not only did Jesus model how to treat women, but women also contributed to His mission. In Luke 8, he speaks of ladies who followed Jesus and His followers and helped them financially.
  9. When confronted with death, Jesus struggled. We all know Jesus came to give His life for us, but we forget He was a human being like you and me. When Jesus faced His death in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was terrified and appealed to God to spare Him this agony.
  10. Jesus came to Earth for more than only the purpose of dying on the cross for our sins. He came to live life as a human being in order to sympathize with us. He, like us, went through heartbreak, rejection, betrayal, loss, disease, and death. God wants His Son, Jesus, to suffer all the agony of this world, so when we pray, we are praying to the God who knows our pain intimately, not just to the Creator. We pray to the God who really hears our petitions, sees our hearts, and understands our anguish.


Finally, whether you want a Jesus or a Christian t-shirt is entirely up to you. If you’re satisfied with your purchase and it helps you communicate your religion, that’s excellent. Wear it with pride!