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Coffee Ceramic Mug – A Gift That Keeps On Giving
You probably have a ceramic coffee mug in your cabinet! Coffee and tea drinkers are familiar with them. They’re microwave-safe and can be used for both cold and hot beverages. In terms of flavor, ceramic mugs are the most neutral. These mugs don’t retain tastes from other beverages and can be heated if the beverage becomes too cold. They can hold a wide range of beverages without leaving any residual odors or flavors. These are an inexpensive gift for friends and family!
The Mug Material
Ceramic mugs are made from clay, silica, feldspar, and other materials. These are mixed together and then shaped as desired before being fired in a kiln to harden them. Ceramic mugs must be fired at high temperatures to make them durable. Once they have been fired they are waterproof and can hold liquids.

Ceramics is still one of the most popular materials for making mugs today. It is very versatile, which allows manufacturers to produce a huge range of shapes and designs. Ceramic mugs can also be easily printed on with any design you choose. The material does have a couple of downsides though as it can break fairly easily and because it is a poor conductor of heat some ceramic mugs will get hot when used with hot beverages.
Drama Shirt Printing Technique
Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage.

Drama Shirt uses sublimation because it is a great technology for T-shirts, mouse pads, ceramic coffee mugs, and more. Because it allows for vibrant, full-color printing. The end product has permanent images that will not peel or fade away.
Awesome Design For Ceramic Mugs
Whether you’re looking for a birthday present, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day offer, or something to say “thank you”, this mug is a great choice.

We are proud to offer this high-quality ceramic coffee mug that can hold 11oz of your favorite coffee or tea! Follow the design trend worldwide. We at Drama Shirt are always up to date with what you looking for in a gift or item or as home decor. There is always something that fits you in our section. It could be a nice design, a nice pattern, or even just some funny quotes.