How Mother’s Day celebrated in 10 countries around the world

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Mother’s Day Around the World

Discover how people across the world celebrate Mother’s Day! This guide is an excellent resource for learning about the many dates, customs, celebrations and activities associated with this occasion. A wonderful approach to learn about how moms and maternal figures are honored in different nations throughout the world.

Mother's Day Around The World

How do different’s countries celebrate Mother’s Day?


Mothers Day In Bolivia
mother and son in bolivia

In Bolivia it is a day to honor the Virgin Mary. On May 1, families gather at the cemetery to pray and clean the graves of their loved ones. In La Paz, vendors set up booths selling candles and flowers near the cemeteries.

In addition to paying tribute to deceased family members, Mother’s Day is also a time for families to get together and honor their mothers. Many families have a traditional lunch on this day that includes food such as fricase (a stew made with chicken or veal), pique macho (a dish made with meat and sliced potatoes), pebre (a salsa made from tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, cilantro and lime juice), llajua (a hot sauce made from tomatoes and chili peppers) and parrillada (barbecue).

After lunch, some families will go for a walk or visit relatives. It is common for children to give their mothers a gift of flowers, candy or jewelry.


Mother's Day In England
mother’s day in england

It is a chance in England to celebrate the mothers, grandmothers and mother figures who are important in our lives. It’s also an opportunity for us to honor our nation’s mothers on a national level. In addition to sending cards and giving gifts, it’s customary for men and women alike to wear a red or white carnation as a sign of appreciation for their moms.

The history of carnations and Mother’s Day is an interesting one. According to legend, the carnation was first used during the Greek and Roman celebrations of this day. The flower was supposed to be presented by children as an expression of love and gratitude toward their mothers—and was a symbol of respect, admiration and pride in their own heritage. A white carnation would be worn in honor of a deceased mom, while a red one represented one who is still alive.

In modern times, though, it’s not always easy to find red or white carnations at florists or garden centers—unless you order them ahead of time. Still, it can be fun for kids to make their own paper versions from construction paper or card stock. You can even do this activity with them if you’re looking for something crafty to share on Mother’s Day morning!


Greek Baklava Traditional Dishes
Greek baklava traditional dishes

Mother’s Day in Greece is celebrated on the first Sunday of November, and it is a day that honors not only mothers and motherhood, but also the Virgin Mary, who is the symbol of motherhood. The holiday dates back to 1918 when the Greeks were fighting for their independence from Turkey. It was originally celebrated on the third Sunday in October, but in 1977 it was moved to its current date because they felt its celebration should coincide with All Saints’ Day.

Celebrating this occasion in Greece is similar to how it is celebrated in other countries. Families get together to celebrate their mothers and grandmothers by hosting nice dinners or taking them out for a nice meal at a restaurant. It is customary for children to give their mothers flowers or cards that honor her role in their lives. Like most holidays, family and friends gather together, which often means large feasts are prepared and served. Some foods that are commonly served on Mother’s Day include traditional Greek dishes like baklava (a famous Greek pastry), pastitsio (like lasagna), moussaka (similar to eggplant parmesan), and souvlaki (Greek-style kebabs).


Mother's Day In South Korea
mother’s day in south korea

In South Korea, May is the month of mothers. It’s a time to reflect on motherhood and celebrate the women who have brought us into the world and raised us with love and devotion. In a country where people live far from their parents and grandparents, it is a special time for reunions and showing gratitude for all that mothers do.

The tradition of celebrating mothers in May started in 1924, when a man named Son Byeong-hui founded it as an official holiday. At that time, many mothers were struggling to make ends meet while raising children during Japan’s occupation of the Korean Peninsula. Mothers worked hard to keep their families together through hardship and war, so Son thought it was fitting that they be honored with a special day each year. Even though Korea has since become a wealthy nation and Mother’s Day celebrations have become more commercialized, there is still great meaning behind the holiday for Koreans who cherish their mothers and long to see them.

While children in America often give flowers or cards to their moms on this day, Koreans take a different approach: they go out into nature and hunt down wildflowers. The tradition started when Son wanted to give his mother flowers but couldn’t find any at the market.


Yellow Mimosa Flower Festival
yellow mimosa flower

Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated across the world. In most countries, including the United States, it is held on the second Sunday in May.

The idea for Mother’s Day was conceived by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 as a day dedicated to peace. Her efforts were lost over time and the holiday became a celebration of mothers everywhere.

In Turkey, the Holiday is celebrated on the exact same day. However, it is called “Yellow Mimosa Flower Festival”. This is because it is a tradition in Turkey to give yellow mimosa flowers to mothers on this day. The mimosa flower blooms in April/May and is one of the first flowers of spring. The color yellow signifies wisdom and intelligence, which everyone agrees are qualities that all mothers possess!

In some countries, such as Spain, it is a custom to celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Day on St. Joseph’s Day. St. Joseph’s Day falls on March 19th every year and celebrates Jesus’ father, who was also Mary’s husband. A common tradition observed on this day in Spain is for children to give their parents small gifts or baked goods.


Romania Musaca De Cartofi
Romania musaca de cartofi

In Romania, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May. Families honor their mothers with Mother’s Day special recipes and gifts. A Mother’s Day tradition in Romania is for the children to bring a tray of food to their mothers in bed. The tray can include various types of bread, cheese and meats, eggs, fruit and sweets. The children also bring gifts such as cards and flowers.

The traditional Romanian dish served during this holiday is called sarmale which are meat-filled cabbage rolls cooked in tomato sauce. Other dishes often prepared include mamaliga (cornmeal mush) and musaca de cartofi (a potato casserole).

Mother’s Day was established by King Carol II, who reigned from 1930 to 1940. He decreed that the holiday would be celebrated each year on the first Sunday of May. The practice was outlawed during World War II when Romania was under Communist rule, but was revived in 1968 when Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu passed a law recognizing this Holiday once again.


Ukraine Son Gift Mom Tulips For Mother's Day
Ukraine son gift mom tulips for mother’s day

In Ukraine, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It’s a time to visit moms and other women who are like mothers to you, and to give flowers to honor them.

The most traditional flower on this day is the tulip. For many years, it was practically impossible to get tulips in Ukraine because it was an expensive luxury import from Holland. (It was also illegal to grow them during Soviet times, since they were considered a symbol of Dutch capitalism.)

But now that Ukraine has its own tulip farms and open markets where people can buy flowers, the tradition of giving tulips on this day has become more common.


We found that there are a variety of different’s way to celebrate Mother’s Day around the world, and it seems that each country has their own unique take on how to pay homage to Mother’s.

We hope that this list gives you some great ideas for ways to spend the day with your mom, no matter where you may be. If you’re looking for a gift for your Mom, check out our section for Mother’s Day.

So how do you celebrate this worldwide holiday? Tell us by commenting below!

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