Top 15+ Best 4th Of July Events Across The US

Top 15+ Best 4Th Of July Events Across The Us

You might be getting ready for the big show, and fireworks, but what about everything else? It’s the 4th of July everyone! It’s one of the biggest festivals in America and even across the world with different cities putting on their own events to impress.

There are a plethora of ways to commemorate the holiday that honors freedom, ranging from patriotic parades and fireworks to war reenactments and readings of the Constitution of The united states to BBQ and challenging culinary competitions. The occasion will have an even deeper significance this year due to the fact that many towns will be hosting activities in person. Here are some 4th of July events for commemorating the United States of America’s 246th birthday with Drama Shirt.

The Best 4th Of July Events

It’s difficult to choose just one-Fourth of July celebration throughout the nation. If you have friends that are traveling out of town for the Fourth of July, you should certainly check out these top spots for the 4th of July festivities. The fact that it is a national holiday is the nicest aspect of Independence Day. This means that most companies will be closed on July 4th, allowing you to enjoy the day with family and friends.

When organizing your vacation, the first thing you should do is choose a spot where to go on the 4th of July. There are various ways to enjoy this joyful festival after you’ve decided where to go:

Boston Harborfest parade, fireworks

Boston Harborfest Independence Day
Boston Harborfest Independence Day

The festivities for the Fourth of July event start early with the launch of America’s biggest Fourth of July festival, Boston Harborfest. This festival lasts for four days and is filled with activities all around downtown Boston. There will be fireworks shown on Boston Inner Harbor, and a celebration of Independence Day in the City of Boston. If you want to watch a Fourth of July parade, visit here! This will include a parade, the laying of wreaths, and the reading of the Declaration of Independence. Even though the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has fully reopened and its capacity has been increased to one hundred percent, people can still participate in the festivities from a distance by going on self-guided tours and viewing virtual exhibits of Faneuil Hall, King’s Chapel, and the Freedom Trail.

Visit the Statue of Liberty “little sister”

 Statue Of Liberty “Little Sister”
Statue of Liberty “little sister”

The original plaster model of the Statue of Liberty, which was constructed in 1878 by Auguste Bartholdi and is nine feet in height, will make the historic journey from France to the United States in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. It will be installed on Ellis Island during the first week of July, just opposite the real Statue of Liberty, where it will remain until July 4. It has been 136 years since the last time the “sisters” were all in the same room at the same time. According to the people in charge of organizing this whirlwind journey, the purpose of the trip is to honor the friendship between the United States and France.

Commemorate Gettysburg in Pennsylvania

Commemorate Gettysburg In Pennsylvania
Gettysburg in Pennsylvania

Prepare to commemorate the 158th anniversary of the Combat of Gettysburg with battle reenactments, remembering dead troops with the One Hundred Nights of Taps, and appreciating fireworks at A Gettysburg Fourth! at Gettysburg Rec Park. Food trucks and live entertainment kick off the celebrations at 6 p.m., and fireworks at 9:20 p.m. round up the evening. By the Fourth of July, most COVID limitations and state mask laws are scheduled to be relaxed, and the fireworks will be broadcast live on the Destination Gettysburg Facebook page.

Philadelphia Live Music and Hoagies

Live Music
Live Music

If you are waiting for the special Fourth of July event 2022, it’s a great option for you. Wawa Welcome America’s July 4th event will feature Jason Derulo and Ava Max. The event on July 4th is part of a 16-day celebration taking place around the city. The African American Museum in Philadelphia’s Juneteenth Block Party, POPs on Independence, Wawa Hoagie Day, Party on the Parkway, and the Fireworks Spectacular are among the other festivities. Visit for more details.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, Declaration of Independence Reading

Attend A Reading Of The Declaration Of Independence In Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Attend a Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Gather on the Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg, the largest outdoor educational living museum in the US, to listen to readings of the Declaration of Independence from the courthouse steps and enjoy live musical performances. Finish the day with the Lights of Freedom fireworks display, which illuminates the skies over the 18th-century community. Visitors riding Colonial Williamsburg shuttle buses must wear face masks.

Visit Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Talk To Dead Presidents At Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills, with its renowned sculpture of four previous presidents carved into the granite face, has become a symbol of freedom and optimism, making it an appropriate spot to visit on Independence Day. While there will be no fireworks at Mount Rushmore, presidential reenactors of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt will be wandering the national monument, posing for photographs and signing signatures. Visitors who are not completely vaccinated must wear a face mask outdoors on NPS-managed grounds where physical separation is impossible to maintain and inside all government facilities, according to the National Park Service.

Celebrate America’s oldest Fourth of July in Bristol, Rhode Island

Celebrate America's Oldest Fourth Of July In Bristol, Rhode Island
Celebrate America’s oldest Fourth of July in Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol, Rhode Island, commonly referred to as “America’s most patriotic town,” will host the nation’s oldest Fourth of July celebration, so be sure not to miss it. The Fourth of July Celebrations in Bristol start early, on June 14, which is Flag Day. Since 1785, the community has been celebrating the event with various acts of patriotic observance. This year’s in-person event will take place at the Herreshoff Marine Museum and will consist of a Military, Civic, and Firemen’s Parade that will cover a distance of 2.5 miles, fireworks, and a Fourth of July Ball. You also see more information on the Bristol Fourth of July.

National Tom Sawyer Days in Hannibal, Missouri

National Tom Sawyer Days Continues
National Tom Sawyer Days Continues

This year marks the 67th annual National Tom Sawyer Days, which takes place in Hannibal, Missouri. It is a celebration that lasts for four days and includes activities such as a carnival, a frog leap competition, a mud volleyball tournament, a patriotic procession, fireworks, and fence painting. The town of Hannibal served as the model for the setting of the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain. The annual fence painting competitions pay homage to the story of Tom Sawyer, the protagonist of the novel, who conned his pals into painting his aunt’s house.

Watch Coney Island hot dog eaters compete

Hot Dog Eating Contest In Coney Island
Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island

Spectators have been congregating at the intersection of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island to watch the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest for more than a century. However, this year, they will be congregating just a few steps away at Maimonides Park to watch competitive eaters compete for a yellow mustard belt. The previous year saw Joey “Jaws” Chestnut establish a new world record by eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes, while Miki Sudo broke the record by eating 48.5 hot dogs in the same amount of time. Fans have the option of either signing up for free tickets and according to the local Covid-19 requirements or watching the women’s competition aired live on ESPN3, the ESPN app, and the ESPN network. The men’s tournament will be shown live on ESPN.

Flyovers and fireworks in D.C.

Flyovers And Fireworks In D.c.
Flyovers and fireworks in D.C.

The National Park Service will be holding the annual Fourth of July celebrationon the National Mall. This year’s festivities will feature the Salute to America, flyovers by several branches of the armed forces, and a spectacular fireworks show. During the course of the 17-minute performance, fireworks are let off from both sides of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. These pyrotechnics reflect a red, white, and blue radiance over the 12 monuments that are scattered across the public area.


Where to go for Independence Day

Independence Day is a time for celebration, family and fireworks. The Fourth of July is also a great time to travel — and there are plenty of places across the United States where you can enjoy the 4th of July fireworks.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs Ar Things To Do Events
Hot Springs AR Things to Do Events

This 4th of July event is taking place in the Ouachita Mountains, which provides a stunning background with Lake Hamilton. Fireworks are let off from the central portion of the Highway 7 Bridge.

Reserving a room at the Mountain Harbor Resort, which is known for hosting a lot of exciting events, is the best way to start the party rolling in the right direction.

Pensacola Beach, Florida

Fireworks In The Sky Of Florida
Fireworks in the sky of Florida

On the Fourth of July, some communities put a strong emphasis on the fireworks, while others put more of an emphasis on the parties. The picturesque Pensacola Beach will probably learn quite a little more heavily toward the second option.
Pensacola Beach, located in Florida, is the crown jewel of the Emerald Coast and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. You won’t find a location that offers a more ideal backdrop for the Fourth of July celebration than Pensacola Beach.
You can either snag a seat on the boardwalk or view the fireworks from anywhere on the beach since they are set off over the sound. While you’re there, you should definitely stop by The Sandshaker and get one of their world-famous bushwhackers. It has the consistency of a rich, chocolate pia colada.

New Britain, Connecticut

New Britain Connecticut United
New Britain Connecticut United

Instead of discontinuing the 4th of July celebration, New Britain decided to hold it as a drive-in event. We’re crossing our fingers that everything will return to normal.
Up to 40,000 people have been known to attend, and Stanley Quarter Park is generally where it all happens.
Visitors to New Britain should take a moment to appreciate the city’s rich Polish history. Every year, they organize the Little Poland Festival. So go have some pierogis at Staropolska Restaurant and let us know what you think.

Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish Lake In Montana
Whitefish Lake in Montana

This Fourth of July event takes place against the background of Whitefish Lake, which lends new meaning to the phrase “Big Sky Country” when the fireworks begin to light up the sky.
The Flathead Valley is home to not just stunning lakes, but also breathtaking mountains in the Whitefish area, and one of the must-see activities for celebrating the Fourth of July there is attending the Whitefish Arts Festival, which takes place every year from July 2-4.

Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach, California
Redondo Beach, California

When it comes to the Fourth of July festivities, having your fireworks display on the beach provides you with an advantage. Redondo Beach could be the best in the nation at it.
The Fourth of July Event at King Harbor Yacht Club, which takes place around the Redondo Beach Pier, is usually a fun time.
Isn’t it true that Redondo Beach isn’t as popular as it once was? You are welcome to visit Redondo Beach.

Denver, Colorado

People Watch Fireworks Over The Denver City And County
People watch fireworks over the Denver City and County Building

Few cities in the United States celebrate the 4th of July Event like Denver, which puts on spectacular fireworks displays for tourists on July 3 and 4 every year.
The Independence Eve Event provides free live music and serves the fireworks show.


That concludes our list of the greatest Fourth of July events and where to go for independence day around the nation. While your neighborhood may not have any fireworks displays, there are lots of other exciting activities to celebrate Independence Day. Begin by visiting some of the above-mentioned places to celebrate America’s 246th birthday in your style! Preparing perfect 4th of July Shirts with some recipes and enjoy the day!

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